Unhappy With Your Microblading Eyebrow Shape

Are you unhappy with your eyebrow shape, thickness, or lack of symmetry? Did you get a Microblading treatment that you do not like?

What is Microblading?

It is a semi-permanent tattoo technique uses small, super-fine needles to lightly feather ink into your existing brows, creating the appearance of natural-looking hairs. It gives your eyebrows fullness in a natural way. A microblading technician makes precise strokes to create your killer eyebrows.

When microblading works out, it is really a gift that keeps on giving. If your treatment goes right and you are thrilled with your fabulous new brows that do not have to be reapplied every day, you will be able to enjoy them for up to two years. However, there is always a chance you may not be completely satisfied with the results of microblading, for whatever reason. In that situations it is highly advisable to seek professional help to avoid scarring.

Can it be removed?

We have seen that Picoway laser is the only viable option to remove pigment. The laser beam penetrates the skin, dissolves, and breaks down the pigment. Depending on the ingredients or amount of the pigment, it might take a few sessions to be able to remove the ink without causing scarring.

The treatment itself usually comes with a local anesthetic, as it can get painful. After the laser session, an ointment is applied, and the area is bandaged up. Once the anesthetic wears off, there will probably be some pain, but nothing an ibuprofen cannot solve. However, it should be noted that this is an invasive procedure and there will be some down time.

What is the healing Process? 

The healing process may include swelling, scabbing, redness, tenderness, flaking, but the healthcare provider usually prescribes an ointment that should relieve the symptoms.

Picoway laser can help anyone who wants to remove unsatisfactory results of microblading but may take some time and patience. It is very effective and can treat any color or skin type.

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