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Laser Tattoo Removal

The Procedure

If you are sick of being judged by your tattoos instead of your character, remove them with our latest technology! We can remove stubborn blue and green inks, as well as very dark lines.

We offer Pico technology that is the most advanced available technology in the market. It releases energy in one picosecond, or one trillionth of a second. This will shatter the tattoo ink into miniscule particles, which the body is easily able to absorb and dispose of, all while reducing burn risk and requiring fewer treatments. This is the best tattoo removal technology available, allowing you to feel confident in your decision.

The procedure is as safe, effective, and as painless as possible. The tattoo removal process is spaced out over multiple sessions, depending the size and quality of the tattoo. We’re confident that we know the best way to remove a tattoo and we want to share our confidence with you!



There are factors which determine rate of tattoo removal such as colors, skin type, ink types, scarring in your tattoo, density of ink and depth of ink. As a general rule non-professional tattoo’s contain less ink and can be removed with fewer sessions. During our initial free consultation, we can determine the number of sessions.

The laser breaks up pigmentation of the tattoo into very tiny particles, then the body absorbs them and disposes of the particles over time.

No, they need different wavelengths. The PicoWay is the only system to offer multiple wavelengths to better treat all the colors and shapes across all skin types.

Yes, PicoWay is one of the few picosecond laser that is effective in removing cosmetic tattoos.

The IPL technology is not designed to remove tattoos and will lead to scarring and skin damage. The reason for so many treatment sessions is that the clinic is using older, slower and less powerful Nd:YAG Q-Switched technology. There is a significant difference between nanosecond and picosecond devices. As well there is still a significant difference between the PicoWay and PicoSure devices. PicoWay is the only system to choose to remove your tattoos quickly and completely. Choosing an inferior system will cost you more in the long term as the overall costs will end up more expensive with more treatments required than choosing the PicoWay.

The time between treatments will be significantly less than most other clinics. We have got this down to about a month between sessions in the past, but this will depend on many factors.

Fastest 300 picosecond pulse– 532nm @ 375 picosecond, 785nm @ 300 picosecond, 1064nm @ 450 picosecond

High peak power– energy shatters pigment ink into minuscule fragments achieving average tattoo removal in fewer treatments

Only True Tri-wavelength Laser System in the world– all 3 wavelengths 1064 nm, 785nm & 532 nm perform in the picosecond range to treat all tattoo colours and skin types

Photoacoustic Energy– Next to no heat means only 3-4-week treatment interval

4-6 months tattoo clearance- Less treatments and less recovery time

Treat fresh tattoos

Less pain than Nanosecond Laser


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