PicoWay vs PicoSure

Picosecond lasers are the next generation of laser tattoo removal system. It is faster than Q-Switched nanosecond laser. PicoSure was the first system released and PicoWay came after.

Number of Wavelengths

  • PicoWay: 532nm, 785nm, 1064nm
  • PicoSure: 532nm (laser pump handpiece), 755nm, 1064nm (laser pump handpiece)

PicoWay has 3 wavelengths that operate at full picosecond power and speed. PicoSure has a natural 755nm wavelength and uses laser pump handpieces to convert to 532nm and 1064nm. This conversion drops the energy and compromises the effectiveness of the wavelength. Wavelength determines the penetration depth of the laser in the dermis, the pigment color the laser can treat and the skin type the laser can operate on.

Pulse Duration

  • PicoWay: 532nm @ 375ps, 785nm @ 300ps, 1064nm @ 450ps
  • PicoSure: 532nm (spec not released), 755nm @ 750ps, 1064nm (spec not released)

Picosecond is a measure of time. 1000ps = 1 ns (nanosecond). The lower the number, the faster the laser is. PicoWay has the fastest operating laser in the world at 300ps on the 785nm. The speed of the laser is what generates the photoacoustic shockwave (mechanical energy) to shatter the ink pigment. Q-Switched nanosecond lasers use photo-thermal energy to heat the ink pigment to fracture the ink. Heating the ink is less effective and damages the surrounding tissue.

PicoSure operates at 750ps which is only 25% faster than 1000ps (1 nanosecond). This means PicoSure still rely mainly on heat to remove tattoos. The heat is also the reason why the recovery times are the same as nanosecond laser. No specs are released on the laser hand pump converted 532nm and 1064nm.

Peak Power

  • PicoWay: 532nm @ 0.53gw, 785nm @ 0.33gw, 1064nm @ 0.90gw
  • PicoSure: 532nm (spec not released), 755nm @ 0.36gw, 1064 (spec not released)

Peak power = energy(j)/pulse duration(s). PicoWay’s 785nm @ 0.33gw is similar to the 755nm @ 0.36gw but the way it gets there is the most important factor. PicoWay operates at 300ps vs PicoSure 750ps. The peak power is achieved at 2 ½ x faster speed and this is what shatters the pigment for tattoo clearance.

Why Spade

Many clients have decided to choose our clinic, which uses the PicoWay, after some bad experiences with clinics that operate the PicoSure.

Some of the complaints of customers who got treated with older technology:

  • Multiple treatments and no noticeable difference
  • Spent 1000’s of dollars tattoo has not faded
  • Tattoo left blistered and bleeding after treatment
  • Area left scarred after treatment”

Reasons to choose Spade Skin Care

  • We are Syneron-Candela and Laser Safety Officer Certified
  • We are all qualified skin therapists
  • Extensive expert training on models before performing treatment on clients
  • We understand skin response and device parameters to achieve the Maximum Effective Threshold to ensure each treatment has results
  • Ongoing clinical training with industry expert medical practitioners
  • Client care and education during consultation, treatment and post-treatment
  • Operating since 2011 with 13,000 of satisfied clients
  • Utilize the latest technology
  • Price match to ensure you get the best pricing
  • Finance options available

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