Ozone Therapy

Ozone has many wonderful benefits. it offers antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal effects as well as having anti-cancer effects. Overall, ozone therapy works to assist several serious medical conditions. The treatment type is commonly used in Europe and it is not as popular in USA as it should be. The therapy type provides several treatment options using ozone, a mixture of three oxygen molecules. Traditionally, oxygen consists of two molecules. With ozone, three are used to super boost the oxygen, which has healing effects on the body.

With ozone treatment, patients have an alternative to taking medication. Drugs used to treat medical conditions can have serious side effects and lead to death, in some cases. Ozone therapy has proven to be a safe alternative to treating disease and even cancer. It treats Shingles, Cancer, Joint Disorders, Lyme disease, Allergies, Chronic sinusitis, Vaginal infection, Arthritis and more

Ozone is created by using an ozone generator which turns the pure oxygen into a certain concentration used for treatment. It is then harnessed and delivered to the body in several ways. The way the treatment is administered will be dependent on your condition and the best way to provide healing properties.

It is injected into the body to treat sports injuries, cancer, shingles, meniscal tears and herniated discs can benefit from this treatment type. The area where treatment is needed will be numbed with anesthesia and then the ozone injected close to the affected area. For cancer, this would be the site of a tumor, with shingles near the affected nerve root and so on.

Rectal ozone is a common therapy type as well where the ozone flows through the rectum with a cannula. Concentrations of ozone are set based on the individual. If intestinal issues are present, such as lining in need of repair, then a lower dosage will be used. Issues such as ulcerative colitis bleeding would require a higher dosage. Additional conditions can be treated with this method such as Alzheimer’s.

Ozone can also be provided in the ear canal or vagina, depending on the condition. Vaginal ozone treatments are used to help with a vaginal infection as well as sexually transmitted diseases. With ear canal treatment, such issues as brain cancer or tinnitus are the conditions treated.

Overall, ozone therapy works to assist several serious medical conditions. Many of these conditions typically use modern drug therapy which can lead to complicated or unwanted side effects. By using ozone therapy, you have a safe alternative to treating your condition and hopefully seeing a positive change in your overall health. We offer this service and have treated many patients.

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