Calf Slimming Treatment

The importance of legs is huge in how people see your appearance. Many patients are unhappy with how their lower legs look because of bulky calves. These patients want slimmer legs and to get rid of the bulkiness. This can be treated with an injection of Xeomin, Dysport or Botox which will help with reducing the bulk and muscle. It is able to sculpt and define the muscles into a more desirable, slimmer form. When it is injected into the calf, the muscles will shrink due to lack of use. It causes the injected muscles to go to rest and leads to the muscles reduction without the need for any invasive surgery. The result is a smoother and slimmer look.

Any restriction? 

This procedure doesn’t restrict calf function, and all regular activities can be resumed after the injection. There is no down-time and the whole treatment is painless and quick. In addition, it leaves no scars, reduces the overall prominence of the calf muscle and is a non-invasive procedure.

Function of calf muscle

There are two muscles that make up the calf; the gastrocnemius and the soleus. Both muscles are located at the back of the leg, with the gastrocnemius on top and the soleus on bottom. Through multiple means, the gastrocnemius can become enlarged and makes the entire leg look hard and interrupts the smooth line of the leg. For this reason, many people look to calf reduction methods to get this smooth line back.


Using a series of syringes, 50-100 units of Xeomin, Dysport or Botox, per leg, will be carefully injected evenly through the calf muscles. The gastrocnemius muscle is the most superficial calf muscle that is responsible for bulkiness and definition of the calf. This procedure can often be performed in under an hour but typically requires at least 2-3 treatment sessions to see noticeable results. Maintenance treatments are also necessary to see continued effects.

Is it Safe?

While the procedure is safe if done correctly and if it is administered by an experienced and licensed healthcare providers, it carries the risk of affecting mobility if done incorrectly.

Advantages Calf reduction – Gives a balanced, more feminine contour of the calves, quick procedure, proven results, non-invasive, a low-risk procedure and FDA-approved

Limitation – Possible temporary side effects such as redness, pain, and discomfort at the treated area; revisits are required to maintain results; some patients with large and trained muscles may need more than 2 treatments within a month to get a more significant result.

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