Are Russian Lips Right for me?

The Russian Lips is a popular treatment in Russia, and the trend has spread to the rest of the world. To achieve the effect, the injector must administer the filler vertically into the lips to spread outwards to widen and lift the lip shape. Much of the filler is also injected into the central area to create the accentuation you see in the Russian lips. The technique is a little different to a traditional lip filler procedure, which focuses more on injecting horizontally into the body of the lip.

Treatments require more than one syringe of filler with the goal to heighten the lips rather than add excessive plumpness. For this reason, it is often regarded as a good treatment for people new to lips treatments who want to create a striking look without being overly radical.

We add extra volume based on needs; therefore, it is tailored to an individual’s desired result while maintaining a natural outcome. This is a specific technique that will shape the lips into a subtle heart shape with more volume near the center.  Smaller needle is used for better control without causing any bruising.

The cost is based on the amount of filler used. The treatment should take about 40+ minutes. Questions that are being asked is that would it feel any different when kissing? our enhanced lips will still retain their natural softness and texture, and your partner won’t be able to tell if any work has been done.

If you are considering any lips filler treatment, you must ensure the provider is a qualified injector with appropriate credentials. At Spade, we utilize our imaging technology to show the end results before we inject.

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